Why Are Alloy Wheels So Popular?

Alloy on a FerrariAlloy wheels have become increasingly popular in recent years, and it’s not too hard to see why. While different people might have differing reasons for having them fitted, there’s a range of benefits they can offer.

We thought we’d take the time to go through just a few of the top reasons for getting alloy wheels – these aren’t just the most persuasive reasons we can think of, but ones that customers who come in to our shop tell us about so that we’re more able to make recommendations and give advice.

So without any more ado, let’s take a look first at the top reason many people state for wanting their standard steel wheels removed and replaced with alloy wheels. Namely, that alloy wheels are really the most stylish option when it comes to wheel customisation.

Many of our customers are immensely proud of their cars, care deeply for them and want to show them off to the world. And while there are all kinds of ways to show off the body – with decals, respraying, tints and spoilers – when it comes to the wheels, alloys really are your best option.

Plain, silver alloys look better than the steel ones that were fitted when the car was new – but your options with alloys go way beyond that, with the possibility for different shapes, colours, sizes and patterns.

Some people are actually quite surprised when they come to properly inspect their options and find that there are designs that really catch the eye, that they hadn’t seen before.

Outside of the aesthetic appeal though, there are really compelling technical reasons to side with alloys.

Many who drive away with their new alloys soon realise their car’s handling is a lot better and smoother. Even among customers who decided to get alloys to make their car look better, the fact is you’ll find that braking and steering is more responsive.

That’s because alloy wheels are lighter – they combine strength and lightness – allowing them to respond faster to movements in the road. You can also change direction and speed more quickly owing to the reduced rotational momentum. Essentially, lighter wheels provide a smoother ride without the trade-off of strength.

You’ll also find that since aluminium conducts heat better than steel, brake heat dissipates more quickly, for safer braking.

So no matter your reasonfor picking up a set of alloy wheels, you’ll find a faster, smoother, better-looking ride all round. No wonder they’re so popular!

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