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How To Care For Your Alloy Wheels

In our last post, we talked a little about why it’s so important to maintain your car’s wheels. What we didn’t really go into was just how to do that.

Without proper care and maintenance, even the best quality wheels will start to deteriorate over time, and possibly end up becoming unsafe. When you think about how the wheels are bearing the entire weight of the car and all its passengers, and often travelling very fast in all kinds of weather, you start to see how the condition of the wheels can grow worse over time.

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How To Prepare Your Wheels For Winter

The winter months have definitely arrived! We in the south of Wales haven’t seen a lot of snow yet, but when it comes, we know it will present difficulties in all kinds of ways. This time of year always seems to do that, particularly in a country that always seems to be caught off guard… Continue Reading

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