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What You Need To Know About Summer Driving

Summer roadIt’s taken its time, but it finally feels like the clouds have lifted, the rain is leaving and summer is well on its way.

This is fantastic news for those of us – which is to say, nearly all of us – who much prefer the warmer months to the seasons of cold, dark and damp. It’s also good news for those who struggle to take care of their vehicle and adapt their driving style to the seasons. That’s because it’s much easier to drive safely and efficiently when it’s warm versus when everything is wet and gloomy.

Autumn and winter can feel gloomy, but if you fail to take the proper precautions when you take your car out and about, those seasons can actually be downright dangerous.

From black ice, to snowbanks, to fog and heavy rain, it’s fair to say that for many of us, driving has been more, shall we say, adventurous than it necessarily should be for the past few months. Back in December, we advised you on how to take care of your car during that time by, for example, upgrading your tyres.

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